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Professional efficiency trainings:

We develop custom programs combining clear methods and proven techniques, emphasizing on interactivity and focusing on your needs.

-->Administrative /Executive Assistants : Manage time and priorities; know how to handle multiple demands, adapt to the technological changes in your work environment and drive the changes.

The 2 days training program will provide you with keys to clarify your missions and manage priorities, manage the data flow organization and archiving, and master your communication skills.

-->Managers : Without any assistant you must though work with the same professional efficiency, organizational skills and digital tools and keep focusing on your job.

The 3 days training program will help you manage time, get organized, master the use of your digital tools and discover new ones.

-->Top Management : Facing the "data tsunami", managing the information flow without being drawn is one of the new challenges of the digital era.

The 2 days program will help you to identify the critical documents any company must save, identify the loss risks and start building a communication and archiving process to manage the flow of data and emails.